Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dragons, Demons and Gods


 The Metropolitan Museum of Art contains paintings, artifacts, calligraphy furniture, sculptures and much more. The theme for my exhibit is Dragons, Demons, and Gods. Countries like Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and India will be emphasized on the presentation lineup. I chose this theme for my exhibit because of my fascination and appreciation of dragons, demons, and Gods specifically the powers they have and unique looks that people draw them in. Specifically, my love for dragons and my interest in Demons and Gods goes back to when I was a young child of eight. I'll start by discussing an ancient jar from China named, "Jar with Dragon Headed Handles ". Sculpted during the 7th century, this piece is a yellowish coloring with a white strip on the base of it. The jar also has two dragon heads as handles as the title states. The next artifact is a Korean named, "Rafter Finial in the Shape of a Dragon Head and Wind Chime ". This bronze artifact was created during the 10th century. The third item of this brief presentation is the "Clothing Box with Decorations of Dragons". This delicate box seems to have been created and passed down from 1392 through 1910. It has a brown color to it with two dragons on the top cover.

         What these works of art do for me is simply further my love for this kind of art and design because in almost any game or anime, I find myself seeking out anything having to do with a dragon, demon or even a god like being for me to cheer for. Every single sculpture and artifact you'll see is from Asian culture. More comparisons that the works of art I chose will  have something to do with dragons, demons and a type of god.Finally, here's a lineup of artifacts and sculptures that I've chosen.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       TangDynasty "Jar with Dragon  Headed Handles"   (618-907) Gallery 205                         

Goryeo dynasty "Rafter Finial in the Shape of a Dragon Head and Wind Chime" (918–1392) Gallery 233


Joseon dynasty "Clothing Box with Decorations of Dragons"                
(1392-1910) Gallery 233

The Hans Syz Collection, Gift of Stephan B. Syz and John D. Syz" Bowl with Dragon" (1995) Gallery 201


Qing Dynasty "Zhong Kui with Demons" (1644-1911) Currently not on Display

Gift of Mrs. Russell Sage "Netsuke of Oni Weeping Beside Giant Arm of Demon" (19th century) Currently Not on Display


Gift of Mrs.Russell Sage "Netsuke in the Shape of a Demon" (19th century) Currently Not on Display

Friends of Asian Art Gifts, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bruckmann, Mr. and Mrs. Perry J. lewis, and Anonymous Gifts "The Goddess Durga Victorious Over the Buffalo Demon, Mahisha" (9th Century) Gallery 247

Gift of R.H Ellsworth Ltd,.. in Honor of Douglas Dillon " Standing Shiva or Temple Guardian" (10th Century) Gallery 249

Purchase, Friends of Asian Art Gifts "The Sun God Surya in His Chariot with Wives and Attendants" (2nd and 1st Century B.C) Gallery 234

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